As the weather changes so do our wardrobes, obviously. Or we'd never be comfortable or at a stable body temperature.. The past few months were all about building my holiday wardrobe before I went away. I'm back now, it's September, it's miserable, and I'm in desperate need of some new A/W staples. Whilst on holiday I found a ZARA, I swear I wasn't looking for it aha. I ended up buying a leather biker jacket and two blazers, which doesn't really make sense in the 40 degree heat I was experiencing, but they've helped me out so much since I've been back. I have clear-outs so often I hardly have any clothes left from last autumn/winter, so if we experience a huge drop in temperature I'm screwed.

I picked the above after a quick glance at the site, with a bit more time there probably would've been loads on this list as I haven't shopped in Topshop for ages! These are all basic staples that could be worn over and over again for countless different looks - that's exactly what I'm about right now. Smart casual tops have always been my thing anyway but I'm loving these drape blouses, I already have the white version of this. Faux furs will never go out of style and glam up any outfit, put it over a pair of jeans and converse and you instantly feel a little more girly. And these boots, oh-em-gee. I am in love! They're out of stock at the moment but I've set up an email reminder, the second these come back I'm snapping them up. As for the jeans, since the whole ripped knee trend started this summer (which I hopped on like there was no tomorrow) I've felt as though plain jeans just aren't doing it anymore, so boring and just blurgh.. So I'd love to add these babies to my collection. Saving the best 'till last, this jacket/waistcoat is my favourite item I've come across in weeks across all brands, it's just so me and I need it in my life.

I'm trying not to shop as much because I have a super busy year next year to start saving for, but little treats every now and then won't kill me and I definitely can't live without all of this.. So watch this space!

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